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NV Winderlea Chardonnay

2017 Winderlea Bounteous Chardonnay

2017 Winderlea Bounteous Chardonnay

Our first ever bottling of the Bounteous Chrdonnay is limited in production but generous in flavor. True to the Winderlea style, this wine was fermented in neutral oak, allowing for purity of fruit alongside lithe, layered texture.

The nose is a delicate mix of tropical and creamy flavors, which transition seamlessly onto the palate. There you’ll find layers of grapefruit, lemon peel, coconut, cumin and brown sugar.


Vineyards: 76% Meredith Mitchell, 14% Winderlea, 10% Hyland

Best Paired with: A refreshing fig salad while soaking up the sun and cooling off by the pool.

grapefruit, lemon peel, coconut
NV Willamette Valley Pinot Noir

2018 Winderlea Willamette Valley Pinot noir

2018 Winderlea Willamette Valley Pinot noir

The 2018 Willamette Valley is, through and through, a precise reflection of the vintage from which it came. The nose has energy and nerve with a fresh, light quality that translates to a mellow and soft flavor.

The aromatics of the wine are dusty and fruity with smashed raspberries, cedar chips and a hint of fresh-rain-on-concrete. Watermelon, cocoa, and chocolate covered cherries spread out on an even and balanced palate that has poignant acidity and chalky-fine tannins.


Vineyards: 24% Crawford Beck, 25% Weber, 25% Shea, 26% Meredith Mitchell

Best Paired with: Cold leftover fried chicken from the picnic while starting the new season of Ted Lasso.


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2015 Murto Pinot Noir

2015 Winderlea Murto Vineyard Pinot noir

2015 Winderlea Murto Vineyard Pinot noir

Always intensely purple in color, Murto is a well-established vineyard at the west end of the Dundee Hills that never fails to compel us by its extraordinary aromatics and structure.

Concentrated and classic in style, aromatics open with black currant and pops of cardamom.  Cinnamon, cranberry and vanilla conspire mid-palate while dark chocolate and a skosh of passion fruit carry the finish.


AVA: Dundee Hills

Selections: Pommard & Wädenswil

Best Paired with: Grilled pork tenderloin and seasoned heirloom tomatoes while sitting around the fire pit after the sunset.

black currant cinnamon passion fruit